Saturday, 10 December 2016

Peak Of Eloquence

Ali's sermon 1400 years back and the world today.... This man is totally flabbergasted by His intelligence!

A beautiful Sermon by our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)'s cousin brother, Ali Ibn e Abu Talib (Peace Be Upon Him).

Batool Agha's Photography........

Looking at the seraphic sky, I was always compelled to think of the creator, the Creator of such a heavenly and irresistibly beautiful Sky. It proclaimed the beauty of his hands. Although we are "The Best Of His creations", yet at times it makes us contemplate Allah's magnificence and glory. 

Pondering over and over that how can something be this flawless? I realized that how can I  go into the depth of His existence, when I dont even know a part of myself. There we go, knowing oneself is the key to know your Lord.

Knowing the ultimate goal of your existence may seem difficult in the beginning, but once you get to know yourself you start to discover where did you go wrong in the first place. Once you start to rectify your deeds, you will feel closer to your Lord.

Lets not play this, Impress Them With What I am NOT ! game. There is a pressure with great impact, a pressure to live a life that is not our own. It's really easy to pretend what we are not, both inside and outside to fit in our society. But trust me that won't work if you really want to build a spiritual relationship with God. We live in a society whereby everybody, from a little kid to an old person, is wearing a mask. Let's throw these masks away and present our actual self before our Lord. 

Just give it a thought, think of the near future, when someone passes by your grave and reads what's written on the tombstone... The question is... Did you live your life or someone else's life? Did you come up to your expectations or someone else's expectations? Did you do justice to your self and your relationship with your Lord? Did you take the mask along? 

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