Friday, 9 December 2016

Only in their dreams can men be truly free... Strive to find your own voice - Find a Mentor!

  Strolling down the memory lane, revisiting the facets of my childhood; I remember, I always have had this clutter that beclouded what I wanted to say; as a result, there was no intonation while delivering my thoughts. People misinterpreted what I usually said and would sometimes ignore my arguments. The melancholy was evident as I felt how I was being shunned by my mates. Being overlooked sometimes can feel distressing and this ransacked my thoughts.

  I had people in school and college, who would, impart knowledge and wisdom in such a way that I could absorb it, my teachers.  But somehow I never stumbled across someone who could righteously develop me as a subtle human being. Somebody who could enlighten me as a whole- my values, spirit and raison d'être. Somebody who could help me clear away the clutter, who could listen to me for hours and nurture my voice and build my self-confidence. I needed a Mentor

   That being the case, I found myself in utter despair at emotional level. I could not find a way out, be that as it may, I never wanted to give up. Praying for a miracle to happen, I finally met my fairy god mother; strange though, but I always believed in fairy tales. She would listen to me for hours and encourage me to write my thoughts and then speak them up, even then if I would stutter, she forced me to paint them.
 Not only this built my self-confidence but also developed my critical thinking skills, hence forth, I started trusting my decision making and problem solving forte. I am now able to confidently deliver my thoughts without stammering. And in case, I don’t speak them up, I try to paint my credo. Likewise, I try to bring out the best in my students too, with my eventual aim that is their identity transformation.

Ultimately, we all need mentors, to unearth our highest potentials, to gain an edge that differentiates us from our peers and endure success in any capacity.


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